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  • Q. What is required for glass doors that are hinged to the wall?

    A. For our installers to secure your glass shower doors in the correct way, these conditions must be met: There must be two wooden studs measuring 2”X4”. There must a straight wall. The wall must be straight. Because your hinges will operate on pivot points, the pivot points must be aligned.

  • Q. What is required for a custom glass shower base?

    A. Custom glass shower base requires that the slope of the curb is measured properly for the water drainage. The custom glass shower base will require no thresholds or vinyl wipers if the curb possesses a slope 1/4’’-3/8’’ to eliminate water leakage.

  • Q. I am planning on a standard fiberglass base. What can I expect?

    A. Since a fiberglass shower base will not have the necessary slopes for preventing water leakages; we offer the following potential solutions: The fiberglass neo-angle shower enclosure base will necessitate a 135 degree door jamb, with a shower door threshold and bottom wipe with a drip rail. For further assistance, please contact us to help you find the right solution for your custom bath.

  • Q. On what types of custom shower enclosures will I need to order a header?

    A.  As with all of our custom shower enclosures we make recommendations based on what is needed to get the job done correctly, while seeing that the vision you have for your bath is maintained. In this case, we only recommend the use of a header if the following conditions are met:


    • Your door cannot be hinged correctly to the site wall.
    • If your wall is not straight or if there are no wooden studs behind the wall or in the middle of curb.
    • If the hinge is off the door of the panel and the panel does not reach the ceiling.
    • If the panel is not wide enough to support a standard door.
  • Q. The determination of how your glass panels will be attached to your wall.

    A.  Here you have two installation options:


    The U-Channel: The U-channels will be attached to your tile and then your glass panels will be inserted into the U-channel (This method is cost effective).


    Glass Clamps Installations: Shower doors will be installed with glass clamps. This offers enhanced frameless appearance. (This method offers easier cleaning).

  • Q. Is there a gap between the glass door and the glass panel?

    A. The standard gap is 1/16’’-1/8”. It does not require vinyl or silicon bulb seal. This opening alludes to the doors opening in two directions – inward and outward.

  • Q. What kind of glass will be used for my glass shower door installation?

    We, at Quality Glass Shower utilize the global standard of 10mm (3/8’’) – 12mm (1/2’’) tempered glass. This glass is six times stronger than a regular glass panel. If broken, it shatters into small fragments for added safety.

  • Q. What type of door hinges does Quality Glass Shower use?

    A. We use the highest quality in hardware supplied by CRL one of the largest glass hardware companies in North America.


    The hardware that we use is forged solid brass hinges featuring non-asbestos gaskets. We also utilize a sturdy back plate that features Allen screws to ensure that your glass panels are completely secure. These hinges are tested for a period of greater than 200,000 opening cycles.