Choosing Designs for Your Custom Glass Shower Doors

When remodeling a bathroom, many homeowners often focus on the sink and cabinetry first, the tub and shower area second, and the shower doors as a last consideration. However, custom glass shower doors can really add an element of class and personal style to your bathroom. Additionally, depending upon the placement of your shower, custom glass shower doors can also serve as a focal point for anyone entering the bathroom. So choosing a design that suits your own personal taste and compliments your bathroom design and décor should always be an important consideration.

Even if you aren’t remodeling your bathroom completely, you might consider installing custom glass shower doors as a standalone project. When doing so, take the time to browse through different galleries for shower doors so that you can narrow down what type of styles and designs you feel would suit you and your bathroom best. There are many options to choose from beyond simple, clear glass, and some shower doors offer both improved functionality in addition to aesthetics.

You’ll soon discover that there are many custom glass shower door designs incorporating etched glass and repeating patterns, as well as the option for adding monogram initials or your own particular image. You can also choose from frosted glass panels for a more private shower experience, as well as patterned glass that offer both privacy and intriguing design.

In addition to the design, there is also a wide array of frame options; sliding, single, double, frameless and semi-frameless are all available. To help you choose both a custom glass shower door design and frame, the experts at Quality Glass Shower, Inc., are available to answer all your questions. You can also browse our gallery of showers to get many ideas, as well as discover the different hardware that is also available in various finishes and styles. Choose a custom glass shower door design today, and experience a new bathroom tomorrow!