Glass Shower Enclosures are the Future

What’s better about a glass shower enclosure than shower curtain? To save us some time we should just tell you what things aren’t better. You can’t wear a glass shower enclosure as a gown, nor can you rip it down to vent out your anger, and they rarely get moldy, so you can’t shape the growth on it into funny pictures, either. Those are deal breakers even on the best of days, but on the off chance you have lost faith in glass shower enclosures. Here’s why they’re actually great.

Your Bathtub Becomes Huge

Suddenly you aren’t showering in a cubicle anymore. You can see the entire bathroom as you’re showering, and when the glass fogs up you can even draw pictures and faces to keep you company while you’re showering. A glass shower enclosure gives you the feel of an open air bath while still bathing comfortably in the privacy of your own home, and that takes cleanliness to a whole new level of relaxation.


Long story short: it’s much easier, but here’s the long story anyway. Glass enclosures are easily wiped down when cleaning time comes and don’t accumulate mold like shower curtains do. Grime slips off the glass with just a few wipes and you won’t have to deal with mold sinking into the enclosure like it would with a plastic or linen shower curtain. Another big plus is that the water vapor from the shower stays contained within the enclosure and keeps the rest of your bathroom safe from water damage. Most bathrooms are coated in water resistant paint, but that doesn’t mean water proof. If the paint in your bathroom is chipping, it’s because of the water vapor from the shower and not enough ventilation. By choosing a custom glass enclosure, you can keep the majority of shower vapor from escaping to the rest of the bathroom and significantly reduce paint chipping.

Sure the sound of pulling back a shower curtain is a nostalgic throwback to the Meg Ryan romance movies of the ‘90s, but sometimes you’ve got to move on. It’s time to go new, and the new way to go is with glass shower enclosures. They’re aesthetically pleasing, relaxing, convenient, and require much less maintenance in the long term than the traditional shower curtain. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, just remember that with a glass shower enclosure you won’t ever have that moment of panic just before you pull back the shower curtain where you worry that someone is hiding in the shower. Think about that then give us a call.