How to Choose Your Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Maybe you have finally decided to build the bathroom of your dreams.  What better than to have a uniquely designed shower that compares to no other and offers the most relaxing qualities a shower can offer?  A great idea for changing the overall look and feel of your bathroom is a set of frameless glass shower doors.  They can be easily crafted and give a beautiful new look to your bathroom.

Thickness of the Glass

The first option to consider is the thickness of the glass that you would like your shower to have.  The thickness will also depend greatly on what the doors will be attaching to, some may be attaching to a wall or others may attach to an additional glass panel.  If by chance you may be thinking about creating an all-around glass shower, the thickness of the glass should be minimized therefore lessening the overall weight of the finished project.

Style of Glass

The next step would be to decide on which type of glass style you would like.  Many options include what color tint you would like as well as the texture.  Some glass comes with patterns, while other glass is specifically manufactured with low iron for better visibility.  If you decide that you are going to have intricate tile work behind your shower door, you may want to look more into a low iron glass for your door.

Hinges and Hardware

A couple of different hinges that you can choose from for fameless glass shower doors are pivot hinges or side mount hinges.  Both of these hinges offer the proper support needed but depending on the completed design, one hinge may provide better support than the other.  This topic should be discussed and considered before installation occurs.

When it comes to the hardware that you choose, of course color should coincide with the hinges as well as any other hardware that is in the bathroom.  Other options to consider though may be what type of wall mounts that you will want to use, and if you are going to be adding in u-channels over the edge of the glass to add a different accent.  There are many different additions that can be made to change the look and functionality of your glass shower door(s), all of which should be considered before deciding what to choose.


Now to the fun part, your options are virtually endless.  The design of which you can create can be completely unique and created to your liking.  This is the time to sit down and get creative, you may decide to go with a full on glass shower or have a single glass door.  You may have a half door as well; glass can be altered to suit your needs.  After all of these items have been considered, you will be well on your way to creating a beautifully crafted masterpiece where you can shower all your worries and stress away!