Tips for Cleaning Custom Glass Shower Doors

There are many different ways to go about cleaning your custom glass shower doors and you may have possibly heard of some different ways yourself.  When it comes to cleaning a custom shower, you may want to take particular care of the shower so it does not end up ruining all of the hard work that was put into the artisanship.  Many people are steering clear of using any harsh chemicals for cleaning and have decided that going green is the way for them.  Whichever end of the spectrum you find yourself on there is an option for you.

As a great alternative to shower curtains that can rip and get slimy, glass doors tend to collect soap scum and residue from any soaps and/or shampoos that you may use.  An option that you may decide on adding to your daily shower regimen is to squeegee it when you are through with your shower.  This only takes about a minute but can greatly reduce the growth of any mold within your tile work and also remove any film that would be left behind.

There is a wide variety of products available for purchase that will help remove soap scum and/or buildup within your shower or you may actually have some products that will work within your home already.  Dish soap and liquid dishwasher detergent work wonderfully within the shower, its grease cutting abilities help cut down and remove the soap buildup on the glass but will also help remove any streaks or water spots as well.  This is also a safer alternative to harsh chemicals in regards to going down your pipes as well.

Another household item that can be used to clean many different surfaces in the home is a diluted vinegar solution.  Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and cuts through just about everything leaving a streak free shine.  The smell may get to some, so a mask or fan may come in handy.  There is no need to worry about the smell staying behind either because once the vinegar solution dries, the smell will fade away.

As a safe alternative to some harsh scrubs and powders, you may want to consider making a paste out of cornstarch and water.  When rubbed into soap scum on glass, it will naturally start to break down the buildup and rinse away with little to no effort.  The last idea may sound a little out of the ordinary but works wonderfully.  If you use a damp fabric softener sheet and wipe the glass within your showers, the fabric softener and residue/buildup will combine and wipe away.  It will also leave a pleasant smell within your shower and assist in keeping it clean for quite a while.

You can decide on which method will work best for you when it comes to cleaning your custom glass shower doors.  All of the above-mentioned products have been proven to work well and offer a safer alternative to harsh chemical use.