Useful Tips for Cleaning Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Frameless glass shower doors add a stylish element of sophistication to any bathroom, and can serve to modernize your bathroom décor. Besides looking aesthetically pleasing, another benefit of frameless glass shower doors is that they are easy to clean. However, just because they typically require less maintenance than framed shower doors doesn’t mean they don’t require any maintenance at all. But by following these few tips for cleaning frameless glass shower doors, you’ll save yourself plenty of time on cleaning and maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance is Simple, Quick and Effective

Many people, after they shower, neglect to perform a quick few minutes of preventative maintenance that will ensure their frameless glass shower doors stay clean and pristine. It isn’t just water droplets on your shower door; soap and other dirt particles will cling to your shower door as the water dries, and over time, this can add up to quite a film that will require more strenuous cleaning. To prevent this, use a squeegee to quickly wipe clean the frameless glass shower doors after you shower. It only takes a minute.

Cleaning Solutions

When you want to perform more in-depth cleaning, you can wash them with a solution of vinegar and water. This is a cheap alternative to glass cleaners and store-bought soap solutions. The vinegar also serves to disinfect your shower doors.

Protective Coatings

Some frameless glass shower doors come with a protective coating already applied, but if yours don’t, you might want to consider a Transparent Polymer Coating (TPC). This helps to keep your glass smooth and prevents an accumulation of dirt and film. A cheaper method, but one that requires continual application over time, is coating your frameless glass shower doors with lemon oil or glass wax.

For more information on ensuring the cleanliness and long-lasting sheen of your frameless glass shower doors, contact the experts at Quality Glass Shower, Inc. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you.