What Are Neo Angle Glass Shower Enclosures?

When it comes to your bathroom, you want to make the area as beautiful and spacious as possible. It’s no secret that the average person spends a lot of time in the bathroom, so you want to make sure this is one of the most appealing areas of the home. To help enhance your bathroom’s beauty and overall feel, consider neo angle glass shower enclosures from Quality Glass Shower.

Many customers wonder just what are neo angle glass shower enclosures? At Quality Glass Shower, the answer is a lot of things. The basic feature of neo angle glass shower enclosures is three glass sides that enclose two walls and typically fit in the corner of the bath. This is a great option for small bathrooms. By using neo angle glass shower enclosures, you can maximize the space in both your shower and the bathroom as a whole.

Neo angle glass shower enclosures aren’t just for smaller bathrooms. You can add neo angle glass shower enclosures to any size bathroom to make the space feel more exciting. We can even install expansive neo glass doors that accommodate a huge shower space. By adding your own choice of hinges, handles, and finishes, you can ensure a customized bathroom that looks exactly how you want it.

Our neo angle glass shower enclosures are durable and beautiful, and we stand behind every installation. With so many options of looks, we help you find exactly what will work in your bathroom. We also use our expertise to determine the exact type of installation that is needed for your setup. Neo angle glass doors can be attached directly to the tile with the U-Channel, or we can use the Glass Clamps installation. We will work you through this process and explain which one will work the best for you.

Whether you are looking to increase the space in a small bathroom or make a large bathroom look more exciting, neo angle glass doors are a great way to make your bathroom more functional and more beautiful.