Frameless Swing Doors

There are several reasons to consider having a frameless swing shower installed. For starters, it features the minimum amount of hardware with limitless possibilities. Regardless of the shape, layout or opening, there can be a solution for the shower.

Glass Swing doors also have a timeless look that will age along with your home. Regardless of whether you decide to sell in 10 years or 20, a stylish glass shower enclosure from Quality Glass Shower Inc. will look timeless. We will work with you to choose from a variety of different hardware option & finishes.

With minimum hardware – a swing door is easy to maintain, only requiring that the glass be cleaned regularly. We also recommend that you keep a squeegee in the shower so you can wipe the glass down following a shower and prevent soap scum from forming on the surface.


Inline Shower

About 50% of showers are inline. Usually a door + a fixed panel which can range anywhere from 4-6 feet installed in a straight line enclosing your shower, or bathtub. Inline showers can be fabricated based on 2 or 3 section depending on the layout of your bathroom.

If you are remodeling your bathroom, it is important to understand why custom glass shower doors are better than any other option. A bathroom is a high customizable room that you spend more time in than you realize. With custom shower doors, you can match any look or tone.

A glass shower enclosure is easy to maintain, only requiring that the glass be cleaned regularly. We also recommend that you keep a squeegee in the shower so you can wipe the glass down following a shower and prevent soap scum from forming.


90 Degree Corner Shower

90-degree Corner showers are also popular. Majority of this style is installed in the ensuite – where the bathroom is spacious. The 90° return panel can go from the floor – ceiling or on a half wall, adjacent to a bathtub or vanity.

With custom 90-degree glass shower doors, you can choose from: frameless, semi-frameless, single or double doors. Not only will these doors match any look or function you are seeking, but they will also stay beautiful and safe for many years.


Single Shower Door

Like the name, a simple, easy solution. A door consisted of two hinges which swings both ways. Single doors are basically inline shower, minus the fixed piece and usually 20-28 inches in width. You have many options to customize the handle and upgrade to either a doorknob, or towel bar. All of our swing doors are complimented with standard water squeegee under the glass to ensure that there are no leaks.


Modern Shower Screen

The latest trend in the market for bathtubs and showers. A Shower screen is a fixed piece of glass with no moving parts. The glass usually covers 2/3 of the opening and leaves a chunk open for entrance/exit. This is also an inline shower, without the door. We have the option of installing using U-Channel or Premium Glass clamps. A recent demand has surged for Shower Screens who own younger children, pets and require easy access inside/out of the shower.


Neo Angle Showers

Neo Angle, Three Angle or 45° are all common names. This style consists of two non-moving glass panels, and a movable door in center. Neo Angle Showers are common for small bathrooms – where the layout gives maximum space inside the shower yet takes minimum on the outside.

Whether you need to save space in the bathroom or just want an exciting and energetic look, the neo angle shower enclosure may be exactly what you need. These shower enclosures feature three glass sides that enclose two walls and usually fit in the corner of your bath. They can be compact or expansive, whatever you need to get your dream shower into your bathroom.


Steam Shower Doors

Ever wondered why there is a window in a shower? Most likely because it is a steam shower. Although Steam showers are not 100% sealed, they are designed to trap the heat and mist inside without the use of bulky frames. The layout of the steam shower will vary based on project.

The beautiful benefits of a steam shower enclosure are definitely worth the price, especially if you have a specific vision of your bathroom that you want to make a reality.


Frameless Swing Doors

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