Glass Railing System

Everyday designers and architects are in search of new modern design for homes. This search of open concept, sleek and clean look has shifted them towards glass use for certain areas such as: stairs, walls, and other areas of the house. In return to this demand, Quality Glass Shower has adapted by adding Custom Glass Railing Service to our line of work.

With years of experience in the custom glass industry, our team of professionals are experts in: Design, engineering, manufacturing & installation of the finished product. There are few ways of having glass railings installed, please see below.


Standoff Glass Railing System

Industry standard standoff system is used for stairs, railings, outside balconies. They provide an absolute frameless floating look.


Post Glass Railing System

Post glass railings are offered in both round, and square. The posts are installed in between glass pieces to support and hold the glass in place.

post glass railing system

Base Shoe Glass Railing System

The base shoe is another option for glass railings. The base shoe sits flat, the glass is inserted and secured inside the base. The heavy-duty base provides support and holds the glass in place and ensures no movement.

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