7 Frequently Asked Questions to Turn Your Bathtub Into a Glass Block Walk in Shower

Question 1 – Can a glass block walk in shower fit into this small space of my existing tub and shower? Yes it is possible, even though it looks impossible in some setups. Standard tub and shower sizes should have enough room to accommodate the new design.

Question 2 – What type of base is best? You can use an acrylic liner that is formed and fitted into your base or you can go with a more stylish look of tile. Both are options that are just as suitable. Which one you go with really comes down to a matter of price and personal preference and style.

Question 3 – additional floor support be needed to hold the weight of the glass block shower walls? In most cases no extra support needs to be used. Unless there is a pre existing condition or problem with the flooring and supports, block walls will be fine resting on the floor and being supported by the existing floor joists.

Question 4 – How tall should I make the shower walls and what should I use as the back splash? As with the base, you can either go with a pre-formed acrylic liner or use bathroom tiles.  As for how tall the glass blocks should be, most people either go all the way to the ceiling or just about a block’s height from the ceiling to provide a vent for steam.

Question 5 – What design options are available in the glass blocks? There are many different styles, colors, shapes, and looks that you can choose from for your glass block wall. Each one offers a unique look and feel to the bathroom.

Question 6 – How are these walls built? The block walls can be designed and constructed block by block on site or pre-fabricated and finished and then shipped to the job site.

Question 7 – Can I do the project myself?  If you have the right plumbing, framing, masonry, tile, acrylic, and other necessary skills you can attempt to do the install yourself. If you do not have these skills or do not feel very confident in your ability, it is best to get a professional to install your glass block walk in shower.