Choosing a Bathroom Shower Enclosure: 5 Considerations

A shower enclosure is a huge part of your bathroom so you don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb, but you also want it to work properly. A lot of consideration needs to go into a decision like this because there are a lot of things to consider, but to make things easier on you we’ve listed five whose importance cannot be overstated.

The Door

What kind of door best defines your personality? Are you a double door kind of person or a sliding door, or are you frameless? Would you look better with a bathtub or a basin? Think about what kind of door you want for your glass shower enclosure because you’ll be using it a lot, and you want a door that works best for you.

Your Bathroom

Take a good hard look not at the bathroom you have but the bathroom you want it to be. If you’re planning to redo your whole bathroom, then choose a glass shower enclosure that fits the new style rather than the old. That’s why it may be best to wait until your bathroom is at a point where the only thing left to change is the shower enclosure, because then you’ll have a perfect picture of what style the shower enclosure needs to fit.


Seems pretty self-explanatory but you would be surprised. Always make sure you know exactly how large your shower is going to be before you go shopping for a glass door enclosure, and especially make sure you know how much space you want between the top of the shower door and the ceiling. If you have trouble figuring out what you need, feel free to call us whenever you want and we will do our best to help you.

The Glass

This may come as a surprise but a glass shower enclosure is made up of mostly glass. That’s why you want to make sure that you have a glass design that you’re very comfortable with, so take a good look at the differences between clear glass, opaque glass, and everything in-between before making a decision.


This is purely your choice, but do you want to make a custom shower enclosure or buy one off the rack. A custom glass shower enclosure can be specialized to fit your bathroom décor perfectly, but certain options can cost more than buying a premade model. But that’s entirely up to you.

It’s a long-term buy and you’ll want it to be as pleasant a thing as possible, so if you put in the time needed for it you won’t be disappointed. And if you need any help deciding just give us a call and we’ll help walk you through it.