Custom Glass Shower Doors – The Latest in Fashionable Homes

If you’re spending a ton of time decorating the rest of your house you can’t afford to skimp on the bathroom. We spend a lot more time in the bathroom than you would think. So it’s important to make it a place you’ll be happy being in, and custom glass shower doors are the best way to give your shower that look that’s the special look you’ve had in your head. You pick and choose and customize and then we’ll come handle the rest.

Make Us Do the Work

Just tell us what you want and we’ll come give it to you – it’s as simple as that. Do you want sliding shower doors or a frameless door? Or maybe you’re looking for a set of double shower doors that leave enough space between the door and the ceiling to let plenty of air in but to keep most of the water vapor locked in? Whatever it is you need, we’ll get it for you. Just place your order and we’ll come do the hard work for you. Wouldn’t that be much nicer than you hauling your new shower decorations home on your own?

Ultimate Customization

But customization doesn’t end there. The doors, which are made from 10mm-12mm tempered glass as per our standard, aren’t the only part of a shower you can add your own personal touch to. The glass can have finishes on it to display your own personal flair and taste for décor. Finally, you get to choose what hinges and hardware will be used to hold everything together. Gold? Silver? It’s up to you, but whatever you choose, rest assured you can leave the rest up to us. These are quality doors and they last for years without needing any kinds of repairs. The 10mm-12mm glass, which is about six times as strong as regular glass, definitely holds its weight against the test of time.

The beauty of a custom glass shower door comes from the long list of options it comes with. Every bathroom has a style, and you can do yourself a big favor and make it come out by not installing a stock door bought at a hardware store. There will always be a perfect combination for your bathroom and you won’t have to spend time in stores hoping you’ll stumble across a pre-made shower door that’s identical to the one you envisioned in your head. Instead, you can have that perfect shower door made for yourself without any extra effort on your part whatsoever.