Glass Shower Doors vs. Shower Curtains

In a comparison between shower curtains and glass shower doors, which one comes out on top?  As with most comparisons, there are advantages and disadvantages to both.  For the more environmentally sound folks out there, shower doors would certainly be the way to go.  Not only are they more durable, they can be made out of recycled materials and offer a great focal point within your bathroom area.  In addition, glass doors can allow more natural light to flow through your bathroom, therefore lowering your utility bills if you shower in the daytime.

Shower curtains may be something that you are just used too.  Most apartment complexes, school dormitories, gyms and so forth use shower curtains.  They are less expensive and can be disposed of as quickly as they can be changed.  There is a wide variety of materials and designs to choose which does give the curtain versatility points.  Changing a shower curtain is a breeze and will give your bathroom a whole new look within minutes.

What it really comes down to is personal preference and aesthetics.  What look and feel are you going for? What is your budget? Are you remodeling and upgrading or are you just looking to keep your floor dry?  If you are looking for inexpensive, a curtain would be a better option but if you are looking for durability and getting the most for your money while greatly improving the look of your bathroom – glass shower doors is your winner.

A great downfall to the shower curtain is the maintenance and upkeep; money is not a consideration at this particular point.  Let’s face it, curtains get moldy and stinky, they rip and most annoyingly, they cling to you while you are showering at times!  Those little weights at the bottom do not necessarily work the greatest and curtains can make someone feel confined in a small space.  Glass shower doors do require some maintenance but are not mold magnets.  They offer a pristine look when they are cleaned and a simple squeegee use at the end of your shower is all it really takes.  These doors give a completely new feel to your showering experience and if you have the financials to be, deciding between a shower curtain and a shower door…The shower is the winner again.

Another consideration when it comes to making your final decision between glass shower doors and shower curtains may be what type of shower you have.  Do you have a freestanding shower and/or tub; do you have a combination of the two?  With a freestanding tub, you may not want to fully enclose that area off completely because it may lose its relaxing appeal and natural beauty.  You would not want to have a beautiful claw foot tub surrounded by glass, would you?

In the end, your choice will be the determining one.  A shower curtain can easily move around and offer more versatility but a glass shower door can offer you durability and a unique long lasting look.