Neo Angle Shower Enclosures Are More Expensive But Worth the Investment

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom or update your shower with a new and modern look, you may have run across the term Neo Angle Shower Enclosures during your research. Neo angle shower enclosures are the new design that is becoming more and more popular lately. If you are trying to choose the best shower enclosure for your bathroom, the neo-angle type may be what you are looking for.

If your bathroom is small or your space feels cramped, this style of shower is perfect because you can use the corner of the bathroom for the shower. This will help make the entire bathroom look more opened up and modern. Utilizing the corner, along with the glass walls of the neo angle design, makes the bathroom look larger. Many people use this type of shower door and enclosure when they work to give their bathrooms a much needed update or remodel.

This type of shower offers a very unique style and look. It will give an old bathroom a new look and a new twist. The neo angle shower enclosures also make a nice focal point for decor. Add in different styles for the bases and the almost endless options you have for back splashes and wall designs, and you can have a bathroom that is completely yours and unique to your own taste and style.

There is more room in this style shower than in the standard regular rectangular ones. The unique angle of the design allows for more room all around. Rather than being trapped in a long and narrow rectangle, this design allows for a more rounded shower. With space in all directions it is easier to move around without bumping into the walls or feeling cramped.