Shower Door Installation

Installing a new shower door is a simple do it yourself project that can be done with minimal tools, skills, and effort if you know what you are doing. With this simple guide, you can be a pro at shower door installation.

Step 1: Cut the Track- ensuring that the track is cut to the proper size to fit the shower opening is critical.

Step 2: Secure the Track and the Rails- Screw the bottom track into the base or use a strong glue or sealant and attach the rails.

Step 3: Remove Curb and Jambs- mark out the place for the drill holes along the curb and then work to remove the jambs.

Step 4: Drill Holes – Secure the Wall Anchors – Drill the holes you have marked out and place your wall anchors securely in place.

Step 5: Apply Caulk – Caulk the seams to ensure a snug fit along the track and the wall and base of the shower to prevent moisture from building up.

Step 6: Install the Header- Attach the header and ensure all parts line up right and attach firmly and snugly together.  Slide the header onto the other side railing, and then slide the other end onto the rail that is on the wall.

Step 7: Install Rollers- Install the rollers onto the door and ensure that they can roll smoothly and effortlessly.

Step 8: Hang the Doors- Start the install with the inside door closest to the shower head to keep water from getting through. Push the top part of the shower door into the track, then lift up to snap in the bottom of the doors. Hang the second door and then simply push both doors to one side.

Step 9: Finish the Installation- Place rubber covers on the screws in the side rails. Attach the handrail  and any other accessories that came with the door. Caulk any gaps or openings along the seams. Let everything cure for a day and then the shower is ready to be used.