The Advantages of a Glass Bathtub Enclosure

Everyone has doubtlessly heard of the benefits of a glass shower enclosure, but they may not realize that having a glass bathtub enclosure installed has many benefits as well. Quality Glass Shower Inc., the Greater Toronto Area’s leading provider of custom glass shower and bathtub enclosures, tells its customers that if they have a bathtub, they should have a glass enclosure installed.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of having a bathtub enclosure installed is that it will prevent water from spilling out of your tub, which means you won’t have to spend time mopping your floor following a bath. If you have a small child, you doubtlessly know that bath time can be a messy prospect, making a bathtub enclosure an obvious benefit. Dampness on your bathroom floor can also cause mould and mildew, and having a glass shower enclosure prevents this!

If you have a vinyl or cloth shower curtain, you know what a chore it can be to clean. Glass bathtub enclosures define “low maintenance;” simply polish it with glass cleaner regularly and you’re done. Quality Glass Shower Inc. also recommends wiping down your enclosure with a squeegee after every use to prevent soap scum from building up.

Glass bathtub enclosures are also much more durable than shower curtains, which have to be replaced every few years. Many people will be glad to tell you about “enjoying” a shower curtain’s embrace, or about how it fell down while they were having a shower. With a glass bathtub enclosure, simply close the door and you can enjoy a nice, relaxing shower.

Quality Glass Shower Inc. offers a variety of options for bathtub enclosures. If you’re looking to give your bathroom an open, airy look, a glass bath enclosure is the best option. A small bathroom will also seem larger once you have a glass bathtub enclosure installed.

In addition, having a customized glass shower enclosure installed by Quality Glass Shower Inc. gives you a chance to make your bathroom unique. We provide our customers with the opportunity to design a glass bathtub enclosure that is unique to their tastes.

Our glass bathtub enclosures offer a number of options for doors, with choices including everything from sliding shower doors to traditional hinged doors. We also have customized enclosures; even if you have a small bathroom, we can create a personalized enclosure that will fit your bathroom perfectly.

Finally, a glass bathtub enclosure will also increase the value of your home; should you ever decide to sell, you will see a return on your investment. We provide our customers with one year of service following the installation of their glass bathtub enclosure to ensure it maintains its worth. Call Quality Glass Shower Inc. today to have your glass bathtub enclosure installed!